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Nov 04, 2009


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Good article & observations - shocking state of affairs indeed!

On top of being disgraced with the reader comments, I can't help but think the press are also partially responsible for these type of comments from the public.

Papers seem to be constantly running scare stories in this regard - usually about us losing all our houses, jobs, the way crime is reported, unreliable statistics being quoted, and in general demonisation of anyone that enters the country; it all fuels the fire of this culture.

Totally agree. It's shocking that Mail readers feel the need to write vile racist comments, but the fact that Mail staff have somehow sanctioned these remarks is dreadful.

Have you ever read the comments beneath stories on the Sky News website? Yowsers, it's depressing. There doesn't seem to be any attempt whatsoever to control the bigotry. With it's outright racism and frequent championing of the BNP, it makes the Daily Mail look like the daily newsletter of the Islington branch of the PC brigade. There was a story on the Sky site about underhand behaviour from a west London computer repair shop, with a picture of the workers (asian-looking men). Comments below included such gems as "Same faces every time". I guess before the internet, all these elements of society didn't have the public platform that they do now. Scary.

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