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Nov 04, 2009


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I just wrote an article about this yesterday! I think Twitter time has ROI of a different nature, but ROI (for the organization who's time is being "wasted") noentheless!

"Can you forsee a day when people’s social networks are taken into consideration in the hiring process, with the more valuable connected candidates garnering higher salaries? In industries like PR and media, large networks almost seems like a resume requirement. Your organization should recognize your networking potential and the 10 minutes a day it takes to develop trust and influence through it. It can pay off for them to borrow it from time to time."


I cannot imagine that "tweeting" will be with us much longer, or that it will be viewed with such interest. It has in short order become another one-way pipe of self promotion which few of us need; those who tweet, tweet loudest; it is as irrelevent as most advertising, and I could not be less interested. The next big thing is just around the corner--and no doubt it will be embraced with as much enthusiasm, and tweeting will be "so yesterday."

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