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Dec 16, 2009


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Ooh... what was that lady called, from the Daily Mail. You know the one... wrote nasty things about Stephen Gately. Jan Moir, that's it.

For the Villain category, obviously.

Jan Moir, Carter Ruck, Trafigura, the High Court have all done their bit to debase the media and/or restrict its powers and credibility.

From two sides of the political spectrum - I say hats off to The Guardian's Nick Davies for taking on the News of the World which lead to the subsequent phone tapping enquiry, and Robert Winnett and Gordon Rayner from the Telegraph for pushing through the exposee of MPs expenses.

I refer you to the Express: "100 reasons why claimte change isn't man made".

Definite villainy!

How about the Sun for its exploitation of a dead soldier's mother and its shameless assault on Gordon Brown for his handwriting. Perspective much!?!

Agree with previous poster about The Telegraph's work on MPs expenses - good shout!

AA Gill. Baboon shooter!

lachlan murdoch
jan moir
NOTW phone tapping bastards

heroes: telegraph on expenses

Media Hero: Twitter

Media Villain: The Daily Mail

I nominate Rupert Murdoch for his paywall plan. Should ensure we're not accidentally exposed to Sun content!! That is definitely a good thing. No more Dominic Mohan mindfarts like handwriting-gate!

So hero - for protecting us from the Sun - and villain - for not doing it sooner!

Carter Ruck for attempting to gag the press!

Agree - Nick Davies was a hero for flagging the working practices of NOTW.

Villain - Daily Mail, for everything it's ever printed but most notably for paying for that vile Jan Moir and her homophobic opinions!

How about the BBC for this platform of hate it's given to the nutters of the world: http://newsforums.bbc.co.uk/nol/thread.jspa?forumID=7347&edition=1&ttl=20091216164510

Heros: Heather Brooke and David Leigh

Villians: James Murdoch

i meant to say james murdoch earlier ... lachlan seems a nice enough chap


Media heros:

Guardian (iPhone App),
Twitter (for breaking loads of storied ahead of 'mainstream press' and for its role in the Iran election story),
BBC for launching Democracy Live,
Telegraph for exposing MPs' expenses scandal

Media villains:

Jan Muir, Daily Mail. Lillian Ladele story, Daily Mail.
Murdoch for his Paywall debacle

I'd say Jon Boone (Guardian) et al for all the Afghanistan coverage

Villain has to be those lovely people over at Carter-ruck, plus Trafigura . . . wait, am I allowed to say that?

How about Question Time for the truly excellent edition which forever undermined Nick Griffin's credibility and political career.

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