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Dec 22, 2009


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Jean Luc's Royal Engage-ment

Captain becomes a Knight

Hope the local papers in Newcastle go with 'Make It Sir'

Make it Sir.

Queen me up Scotty!

Now that's a medal to Klingon to!

Patrick Stewart To Baldly Go For Knighthood

Friends say Shatner 'furious'

'Meeting an old Queen? I worked with McKellen don't you know'

Statship Ent-arise

To boldy go where OBE has gone before

I don't count this as an entry - as I'm clearly stealing other people's ideas - but surely the best yet would be to combine some of the above:

'Make it Sir: Jean-Luc baldly goes where OBE has gone before'

Don't forget to (Klingons on the starboard) bow

Star Trek: The next veneration

This is a suggestion for an alternative headline of this blog post:

New Year Honours: Set phrases on pun

Shame on you for not thinking of it.

Order of the British Empire Strikes Back.

Stewart gets to have a Jean-Luc around Queen's gaff

What the Dickens: Scrooge visited by honour from the Queen

Jean-Luc lands the Enter-prize

"Captain's log, stardate 221209: got knighthood... which was nice"

Make it snow!

(*requires tenuous link to weather)

Queen's Sword on Paddy Back, Give Picard a Throne

"Careful Captain, she's got a sword"

Come and have a gong if you think you're Picard enough

To baldly gong

'Sir' Patrick Wins Queen’s Award for Enterprise

Stewart Gets Klingong

Tribble at the top: Picard proves he's no Klingon as career takes a turn for the Betazoid

Star Trek's First Knight 'Set to Stun' Sir Patrick

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