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Mar 22, 2010


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I think I know why this happened. This story was in the 'most read' list on the BBC News site last week (it happens occasionally with 'quirky' stories from years ago, as email links spread in their unpredictable way, and then people see it on the Most Read list and click it, thus enhancing the effect). I guess a lazy Mail hack clicked the story, and decided to cover it without looking at the date at the top.

I'm willing to bet this is front page news because a Daily Mail "journalist" saw the story appearing on the BBC News 'Most read' section yesterday, didn't check the article date, then went right ahead and plagiarised..., sorry *was inspired by* it.

Damn the BBC for not taking down its old content!

The Daily Mail may hate the BBC but that clearly doesn't stop them stealing its content. Sadly it's been caught out here by the fact the story it stole had reappeared in the BBC's Most-Read section.

Oops. Couldn't happen to a nicer paper!

This exact thing happened a couple of weeks ago with the Metro running with the year-old 'Jesus face in Marmite lid' story that popped up again in the BBC's 'most-read' list

Never heard the phrase "So old it's new"? Learned it alongside "Exclusive to all newspapers"

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