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Apr 27, 2010


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While I would agree that the stats seem to follow how I would see the output of the various channels, this is assuming that the channels are not biased normally!

BBC is well known to have a Labour bias, however, under normal circumstances, it isn't measured. Therefore, it can't be true that they are 4.2% pro labour, but rather, 4.2% more Pro Labour than they usually are.

However, does this mean the other channels are also just as biased normally than they are during an election, or is the Sky figure so high because they are normally very pro Labour outside an election?

Very interesting study - thanks for sharing!

how about bias in the press?

Sun's page 3 girl Becky is "concerned" about electoral reform https://bit.ly/9pslkk

Thanks Oli, you're right there are many factors that could come into play and we say in the post that it should not be taken as a definitive poll - more indicative of trends.

Rupert Murdoch of course has been very open about his backing for Cameron at this election, so armed with that knowledge it's perhaps easier to perceive bias on Sky - hence one reason, beyond the obvious, why the result is so clear cut.

Likewise, certain TV events perhaps stand out more than others during the coverage of this election.

The Trevor McDonald interview with Cameron, for example may linger in people's minds for the criticism it received and may have carried more weight therefore than the rest of ITV's coverage.

Even a handful of complaints over Vince Cable's centre stage positioning on Channel 4's one-off Chancellors Debate could explain that channel's marginal showing as pro-Lib Dem.

The nature of the Media Blog too is such that we attract an online audience, many of whom are connected to social networks where there has perhaps been a clearer left/liberal leaning in recent weeks than in the UK as a whole. As such, they may be quicker to cry foul over perceived Conservative bias.

Of course it's possible for two opposing sets of football fans to leave a match and both claim the referee was against them - a neat illustration of how personal allegiances mean we're capable of seeing bias anywhere if we think it's against 'our team'.

Then there is the issue of self-selecting survey respondents.

But, despite these caveats the findings are a reflection of what people said they believe. And at a time when we're all putting a lot of stock in what polls tell us about this election it seemed fair to share.

The discussion of media bias is certainly an important one in the run-up to a general election and hopefully this has helped raise its profile.

Glad you enjoyed the post. Thanks for reading and commenting.

ITV News, in particular, has been a disgrace in this election. Anything and everything has come with a pronounced Tory spin.

ITV News at 10 has definitely shown bias which surprised and disappointed me. Tom Bradby's political analysis is very pro-conservative and anti LIB/LAB in his conclusions.

I agree, ITV has been a shambles. They aren't even trying to hide the fact they need the Tories to win in order to start breaking up the BBC - their major rival.

As for Sky, this finding doesn't surprise me AT ALL. If anything I'm shocked people have watched Sky News and not spotted the shameless promotion of Cameron. Sky isn't News though - it isn't even factual programming - it's merely another part of Rupert Murdoch's self-serving entertainment empire. I just hope this corrupt old dinosaur of an ugly bygone era of media manipulation has been found out by the grass roots revolution in solution media channels.

Hate to be the person told by Murdoch his job was "to get Cameron in to F*****ng Downing Street" if they do not get in.


I expect nothing less from sky.

However the nearer the election has come, the more ITN has been trying to knock Sky news off as the best cheerleader for Cameron.

It wouldn't surprise me if Tom Bradby started wearing a Conservative rosette. His reporting is nothing short of a scandal. How anyone so biased can report on tv is beyond me. I think we all know what the T stands for in ITN and the I definitely doesn't mean independent.

I am yet to see ANYONE on TV come out in support of CONservatives; After the debates yesterday, I watched interviews on Newsnight, ITV and Questiontime and NO ONE mentioned Tories in a positive light, most spoke of Clegg one spoke of Brown (positively) but David Cameron doesn't feature at all, so why are all the polls showing DC on top?..hmmm maybe the sample?

I googled 'itv biased election coverage' because it kept niggling at me and clearly I'm not the only person thinking this. Like others, I think that Sky is clearly the 'Fox' of the UK but I would expect better from ITV.

Some one should suggest a branch of monopoly law for the Media, Murdock has nearly 40% of all media output in the UK under his control, 25% is an official monopoly, so a law could reasonably state that he should be forced to sell of at least the 15% excess.

ITV and Sky have been a total disgrace. They are owned by people who have their own agenda, not caring to think about the repercusions on how a Tory government will actually Impact on the general public. I truly hope the public see through this blatant conspiracy. I for one will no longer watch their news programs as I can no longer trust what they are reporting. Maybe if more people do the same their viewing figures may be hit hard enough for them to realise that we the public deserve better.

BBC not biased , who did you ask deaf and blind people only. BBC is so biased left wing , it would not be possible to be more biased.

BBC'S Pro-establishment bias


The fact that any one would think Channel 4 news or the BBC were less bias or indeed at all balanced or fair in their news, shows how stupid people are, and how good Channel 4, and the BBC, are at propaganda.

This survey merely demonstrates stupidity not bias. Disgusting.

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