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May 28, 2010


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'his actions do seem to completely wrong-foot an allegedly tough interviewer'

Hardly! Anyone watching this thinking they might get a few tough questions on hospital mismanagement is going to be pretty clear these guys are hiding something big (regardless of whether they are or not).

I watched that with the sound off.

The body language is fascinating. Marc Slavin seems to be running interference and in some way protecting the woman that Noyes is trying to interview.

The shoulder patting seems to start as soon as Noyes approaches her and Slavin successfully distracts him from his task.


It's like a sketch from a Chris Morris show. The comic timing is amazing. The closing scene, with the last two pats on the shoulder is pure genius!

But, for a hard-nosed reporter to have such a exploitable weakness is also comedy gold.

After all, what interviewee isn't going to just get very tactile with him whenever he starts asking tricky questions.

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