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Jun 06, 2010


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While it might seem a bit creepy for a company to track publically available content about itself, it's nowhere near as bad as, say, using secret recordings of private conversations, or using details obtained by hacking into databases in order to track down people to their home addresses, get their home phone numbers, and so on.

I can't for the life of me think of a company that would do those things, though. Perhaps the Daily Mail could investigate...?

Shame on Privacy International! Yes they are "rent-a-quotes" as you say, but they have normally shown some standards.

I think as the previous comment suggests, nobody breaches privacy like the tabloids, so why would Privacy International do anything to support the Mail's line in hatred and misinformation?

Heh, funny, I too was contacted by BT (Twitter account @BTcare) after I complained about them - PUBLICLY - on Twitter. I thought it was rather cute of them to bother.

The same 'journalist' last week ran a scare-story about Google "stealing our wi-fi" - and why we should all run for the hills and live in caves.

He's obviously destined for great things at the Mail! Clearly willing to throw his credibility in the bin and churn out internet scare stories.

The language used is all so laughable:

"Specially developed software" ...is there any other kind that is fit for purpose?

"'listening in' on disgruntled conversations"... so searching the internet for any comments, positive or otherwise, which mention their brand.

The Daily Mail is a disgrace, so obvious is its agenda and its bias. But why? Did Paul Dacre get bitten by the internet as a child?

It turns out that The Daily Mail is itself a hardcore user of web analytics: https://www.speedcommunications.com/blogs/wadds/2010/06/07/daily-mail-spies-on-its-readers-online/

Will, bang on - just another Daily Mail beat-up.

I covered this over at London Calling from a customer service POV.

See https://um.tl/listenok


"Specially developed software" - https://search.twitter.com?

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