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Jun 27, 2010


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It's still the top Google News hit for the iPhone story, but the link now goes to 'this page doesn't exist'. (Neither did the story.)

Daily Mail now outsourcing "just making stuff up" duties.

I love more the fact that they didnt read the Bio on the twitter Prof.

Proper Journalism.

They didn't even get the price right.

What's more interesting than this shocking lack of any journalism is the tendency of online media to just delete any problem articles. The retraction/correction/apology seems to be dying in the online world. Not that it's much cop in the printed world these days.

So this is why they hate the internet!

Great spot. Now pulled from the Mail site.

Surely the bio gave the game away.

This is the kind of "journalism" that they want you to now PAY FOR folks... yeah right.

If we pay the DM what they are worth, then they owe us all money.

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