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Jul 20, 2010


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I remember watching Brass Eye back in the 1990s which took this rabidity and put it to several personalities. The fictional drug...'cake'! A bright yellow disc-shaped substance about the size of a vinyl record took in a few personalities and even got a Conservative MP David Amess asking a question in Parliament. Chris Morris's creations were one of those great and rare bits of TV that expose just how it is with drugs. The politicians are cavalier, ignorant and wrongheaded - and many of them know it.

That we can't approach it differently isn't a mere pigheadedness...the reasons why drugs aren't treated in a harm-reducing sense rather than punitive measures is down to vested interests, ignorance of people (the Frank ads never helped all that much), together with the Mail whose shrill comments on drugs keep any actual discussion very low on the list of debate in Westminister.

Prison and police services rely on prohibition for jobs and money, the street drugs cause more harm due to impurities/pollutants than they would have were they available in a safe place in a pure form. The government is not able to divorce itself from preaching against drugs to mount a purely informative, factual campaign without the use of stark imagery for shock value (ie. brain surgery Frank ads were scaremongering over cannabis and not informing youth) . The campaign and the millions of taxpayer cash expended are wasted and are ignored by the young, who find out more info from a half hour online these days if wanting to evaluate risks or gain knowledge overall.

It's just a mess as drugs are everywhere now; use is between stable and a slow rise for most substances...and the (oft-stated) fact is that the legal drugs of alcohol and tobacco (as many journos find out the hard way) cause a boatload more harm and addiction than a lot of the classed, illegal drugs. But despite common sense, despite the Lib Dems having a policy of decriminalizing cannabis just 5 or 6 years ago complete with permitting personal home cultivation you're on another planet if you think that idea is going to be even glanced at by this lot.

Drugs are practically as easy to get as were they on sale in a licensed premise; prohibition isn't working, and is just another gravy train for vested interests to the detriment of the public health thanks to criminality/subpar product. That we have not moved on for 80 years from this is pretty amazing considering all the scientific, technological and social advancement since the 1920s/1930s.

Hilarious how the Daily Mail laps up some fake Youtube clip of some prankster 'tripping' after listening to a bunch of funny sounds - hilarious and sad.

- Pete @ dirtygarnet.com

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