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Oct 24, 2010


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It is pretty cool, but annoying when you have recorded something to watch later and somebody spoils it for you.
It is also annoying just HOW MANY people post about the damn X Factor. I don't care who you like, they are all glorified karaoke singers. Same goes for any reality TV show actually. I wish that genre would die, already.

On-screen hashtags are fine, but it's hardly cutting edge is it? As you say, it's totally counter-intuitive to ask people to do something else while watching their programmes, and more to the point, TV channels/programmes are actually sending people away to a completely different media.

For this reason, I have a strong feeling that 2011 will see Social Television come to the fore: an extension of on-screen hashtags whereby you can view and interact with your networks (Twitter or Facebook specifically) live via your TV AT THE SAME TIME as watching the programme, maybe via some kind of desktop panel? I blogged about this last week - have a read? >>


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