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Nov 27, 2010


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If I can add...Ms Taylor is despised by the fans of the clubs she reports on - most specifically Newcastle United fans as she has admitted to supporting rivals Sunderland and has on occasions written for their match programme.

Last year she upset an awful lot of people by writing a horribly negative piece about South Africa in the run up to the World Cup:


Later - when she was asked to appear on South African radio to defend her position she replied:

"Seem to have caused quite a fuss. As I stated in piece I've never been to South Africa - but would love to go - also perception and fact can be at odds but just wrote it the way it looks from here. I was called by an editor who wanted a blog, it was the first thing which came into my head - after chatting to someone who'd been to SA and was frightened - but I told editor I wasn't really qualified to write it. No matter, I was told to so I did and, having written in a way intended to provoke debate, the rest is on the blog.........
I'd do a phone interview but, as I say, I'm not really qualified......."

The general consensus appears to be that her ignorance and gift for ****ing up is actively utilised by the Guardian sports desk as she gets a huge number of comments (and obviously hits) on anything she writes - most are normally very negative indeed.

At one point she rather amusingly appeared to have a very public crush on the old Sunderland manager Roy Keane,

She's even star of her own Twitter feed:


I hear they're looking for a replacement for Geraldo...

Look at all all those Manutd supporters... I could always remember finding comments about "sell berbatov, he's a flop at 30m, he cannot produce, blah blah blah" previous season", and from now on treating him as a god cause he have a slight run of form this season. Similar applies to Rooney, few months back with a bad run of form and some controversies, stuffs like "sell roo, we don't need him etc, blah blah blah" could be viewed... Pity that these real manutd supporters who's image have been smeared by these types of gloryhunters.

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