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Feb 16, 2011


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That's nothing! Wait until The Daily Mail finds out about BBC plans to launch the Italian spin-off Pasta Mouse.

have you heard of bob marly and people like that? they speak like that. I think it's a cool programme instead of the same thing but with a different name but this is different and cool so it shouldn't get banned!

How people can't see how this poisons young kids minds is beyond belief. Kids will think its cool to be a rasta so no doubt they will think its cool to smoke drugs and follow a religion which was built on black supremacy, and I'm sure we all want our kids talking like that and giving off the same attitude. We are fast turning into a nation of idiots and the BBC is responsible because of its promotion and policies on so called mulituclturalism. Just yesterday someone on a program was talking about Brixton and how the West Indian community brought a lot of colour and life to the area in the early 1970's....yes they did, but with that they brought crime, drugs and unsafe streets and you only have to go to police.uk and you can see the evidence yourself. Now find an area with very little ethnic population and see the difference.
This country is one big joke, less than 6% are of ethnic minorities but everytime you put a tv program on they are falling over themselves to try to appease everyone and a lot more than the 6% of people on TV are non white. The BBC can't make a KIDS TV program without exagerating this, if 3 kids are shown one is black and one is Indian. Everytimes theres a game show or a quiz show the percentage is more like 30%. White people are the victims of racism, white people are being discriminated against by stupid internal policies that give advantages even in employment opportunities to non white peoples and more qualified white people get pushed down the ladder and we end up with more talentless actors, newreaders and presenters. Everyone should be given the same opportunity on merit not colour or policy. I will NEVER pay my TV licence, the BBC is the most racist institution in the world. I will not fund all the other TV stations and radio stations around the world through my licence fee. And less than 6% of non whites are responsible for more than 40% of crime.
No wonder people turn to EDL and BNP, even though they its reported that they are racist and I don't agree with that there seems to be no other alternative because at least I feel they are on the side of ordinary white UK citizens. In a country where Muslims can stand on the street when our troops march and they can abuse them and have placards calling them murderers and we show restraint, yet in their countries someone calls a teddy bear Mohammed and almost gets lynched, the government does nothing, they should all be sent packing, get rid of this scum from our country.

I feel deeply sorry for you. Your ignorance is immense and it obviously leaves you alone and stranded in what must feel a very scary place.

Your paranoia, born out of a failure to understand basic logic - and doubtless fed by your ill-informed choice of media and companions - doubtless feels very real to your feeble mind and makes your demonisation of ethnic minorities the weight you must now carry through life.

Your suggestion that crime could in any way be linked to the colour of a person's skin would be hilarious if I didn't think you might actually be serious.

Ironically it is vile, viscious and outdated beliefs such as your own ugly racism that creates segregation within society. And it is your misplaced belief that you are in some way better that creates disadvantage and economic iniquity for others.

The socio-economic factors which give rise to crime (which will always be higher in the most densely populated parts of cities, such as those you mention, for simple reasons of probability, opportunity, inequality and disadvantage) have nothing to do with skin colour.

What's more, they most definitely have nothing to do with a mouse on children's television.

The image you create of yourself, sat in a darkened room, keeping a tally of how many black or Asian contestants appear on television gameshows suggests your irrational, deeply racist, beliefs are part of a broader mania or sickness.

I hope one day you find peace with the world.

Yes, you are an offensive, vile, throwback to beliefs that should have gone out with the Ark, but you also appear to be very distburbed and doubtless owe much of your troubled thinking to a flawed and failed upbringing, surrounded by fear and mistrust.

For those reasons I pity you.

Peter, You're an idiot. Crawl back into your cave.

Racist? No. A half attempt to boost ratings and half attempt to educate our kids? Maybe. A topic of controversy? Yes.

Found this great article on the subject: http://www.sickchirpse.com/2011/02/10/the-bbcs-new-childrens-show-on-rastafraianism-and-cheddar-really/

Islamicrat, reckon that would go down well? Essentially the same thing, religion and vermin as the same word.

Rasta Mouse, racist? I am a black parent and I personally think by saying it's racist is being racist.

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