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Nov 30, 2011


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My father is a taxi driver and he does not insult foreigners. That's a slur on Taxi Drivers who are of course human too. You're basically as bad as Clarkson.

Insulting a group of people to make a point about someone who has insulted a group of people, diminishes the point you're trying to make.

This is the same Clarkson who works for the flipping BBC. He is a public sector worker.

Mister Clarkson thinks he's god's gift to mankind, humiliated his colleagues in a haughty (arrogantly)manner.

immediate dismissal is the only option for the BBC.

Oh please...
Get a grip.
Firstly, he commented that for "balance" he stated he hated the strikers after saying he was in favour as it was easier for him to travel around London.
Also, he is a forthright individual.Nothing wrong with that. If you cant say what you mean then you dont mean what you say!
Finally, to everyone calling for his head; if this is the most pressing issue in your lives then you are very very sad people indeed....Complain about something worthwhile....

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