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Jun 09, 2012


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The plan for how to cover the pageant was deeply flawed and taking the piss out of the people who watched it and felt let down doesn't help!!! I for one hope the BBC takes the complaints seriously. If 2400 people complain it means there's a really large body of unhappy people, much larger than the number who actually voiced a concern. I work for the BBC and I'm ashamed that the corporation seems not to be taking the issue seriously as there are real concerns to address. Nearly everyone (about 50 people) that i have spoken to was really fed up with the lack of coverage of the actual pageant event in favour of mock coronations, baby births and cake making. None of them made a formal complaint. I suppose it just depends what you were expecting. I would have liked to have seen the wonderful music boats, the church bells answering the belfry boat, the avenue of sail etc. None of which were shown. This kind of puerile "analysis" doesn't help.

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