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Jan 27, 2010


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The Guardian Tweeted this morning that they've got a journo there - http://twitter.com/guardiantech/status/8273010578

Agree though. I'm a self-respecting Apple fan boy, but then I'm also a 20 something PR/media type. Very easy to lose perspective on these things...

It could be great though, I've been loving the wheel on my MacBook! ;)

The Telegraph's 'only journo from a UK daily' claim was quickly shot down by other reporters going 'uh, I'm there! as is xxx'.

Well said. It has been truly staggering to see the amount of press coverage that the launch of an expensive consumer electronics device has received. When this happens it seems the press often get into a hyperbole competition to announce how important it is - before it exists. Apple must be chuckling their casual socks off.

If anyone's interested I did an analysis on how often the press claim Apple and Microsoft are "revolutionary" (and how often they claim it for themselves): it's here http://wp.me/pmzBS-gw

This is just poor unoriginal journalism. It is not SO great of a story that it deserves 1/2 page on EVERY singly UK broadsheet. These are papers that are supposed to tackle imperative socio-economic events with impact on the UK public. The iPad doesn't and isnt

This isn't just another iPhone or Macbook announcement. It's something entirely new. This is the first tablet that is vaguely useful, and where other tablets have tried and failed completely, this (for the reasons below) won't. Yes, the reason it has attracted so much press is because it's an Apple product, but in reality, there are three reasons why the iPad is so important. 1. If it is anywhere near as successful as any other Apple product, it's the end for clunky e-book readers. 2. It's the same situation for netbooks, and smaller laptops. 3. (And this is the big one), it has the potential to redefine video gaming. The iPad is a handheld with the graphics and processing of a console, and it could change the gaming landscape forever, just like the Wii did. That doesn't change the fact that tabloid tech news is shoddy to say the least, but the substance behind the story is what makes it so crucial...in my opinion! P.s. I am a fanboy.

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