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May 08, 2011


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Pew found that "Twitter" didn't drive much traffic to the big US sites - FaceBook is emerging as a much more potent tool http://www.journalism.org/analysis_report/navigating_news_online

You could have also add the number of app downloads from the appstore.

There is a growing number of users who choose to use app rather than browse news websites.

it would be interesting to see FT stats

Some really interesting stats here Will - of course the elephant in the room is how newspapers will be able to monetise this readership (however they are accessing content). More on this in my blog at http://measuresconsulting.wordpress.com/2011/05/12/turning-facebook-fans-into-fivers/

Surely the level of followers or 'likers' on Facebook etc is has a direct relationship between how readily you would admit to such a thing?

Are the print figures accurate ? I was in Stansted last week and the place was full of discarded copies of the Mail that were available free of charge. Likewise Schipol doles out free copies of the FT that aren't really read

Great graph!

If you're ever comparing these figures again, though, can I suggest that you use NRS figures rather than ABC figures? It seems to under-weigh the print readership if you don't count someone who reads an issue they don't pay for while you do count everyone who logs onto the website for free!

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